What's been going on...

Let's see, I started this blog, I thought I had lots to talk about (I did and do) but I had a hard time finding the time and best method to integrate a blog into my life outside of facebook, myspace, and my forum use. So here I am, playing catch-up.

I came home from Iraq in May of '08 to BEAUTIFUL Prairie Grove, AR. My wife and I got the chance to have a mostly new start. My kids got to know me (again) which was a real treat and it seemed like we were in paradise. That's when tragedy happened. Bad market, no work, no money, had to move back to California. The great thing about it was that I had over six months to recover and focus on my family and dealing with a few "new found friends" that I brought home with me from Iraq...

Well, we have made the best of our situation and are actually pretty comfortable with where we are at right now as a family. So all is well there.

My wife and I have been using Sabayon Linux (www.sabayonlinux.org) for a few months now (no windblowz in our house :P) and it has made things a little more fun and interesting. Last night I received my google wave invite which is proving to be a LOT of great fun (darthlukan@googlewave.com) and I've already begun working on a few projects of which I will be posting about up here very soon.

Soon to follow, my adventures with Sabayon Linux, learning python and lua, modifying awesomewm, and other random bits of hopefully fun and useful info.


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