Development Projects

Project List:

Here is a list of my current projects and their GitHub links.  Please keep in mind, these are mostly for my personal use and should not be relied upon as reliable programs.  They are first and foremost my personal learning tools.

"Liquid Lemur Linux"
An Arch Linux based distribution:

Liquid Lemur Linux started as a community of developers and users before becoming a Debian based Linux distribution.  It was started by Ed Snyder who has since passed the reigns off to myself and Mario Steele.  Mario and I are currently hard at work with a team of developers to provide the best balance of "entry level" user friendliness and power-user friendliness in a Linux distro.  Liquid Lemur Linux is now an Arch Linux based distro and is slated for testing release in the very near future, followed closely by a stable "1.0" release.


A Python Downloader:

Piddle started out as a small "final" project for my Intro To Programming class.  It has since turned into four programmers of various skill levels working together to try and bring something useful to the market, both free and otherwise.

A collection of learning / worker tools:

Pysys is a collection of scripts and programs that I am working on in order to learn new programming concepts.  Many of these programs and scripts are "unfinished" products but show how I'm progressing as a programmer.  All of these should be considered experimental but useful as learning guides.

An exercise in Django:

Djcode is a small starter project for my education in Django.  It's meant to lead in to my creation of an online portfolio of my projects as well as an introduction into writing web apps.  The name "Djcode" comes directly from which is the online resource that I'm using to learn Django.  Djcode is the name of the project that is expanded upon in that book.  

Learn C:

C-notes is, quite simply, a small program that I am using to teach me the basic concepts in writing code in C.  It's aim is to help me learn C syntax and structure through practice and nothing more.

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