Adventures with Awesome-3.4.1

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So I have been using the Awesome window manager on Sabayon Linux (above screenshot) for the better part of a month as my primary window manager and am in love! Although first developed as a "tiling" window manager, Awesome has begun to change into quite the floating window manager as well. It's configuration is not very difficult at all (coming from me that is saying a lot) and is even easier if you are familiar with Lua code (I am not).

Awesome is configured by editing a single config file (~/.config/awesome/rc.lua) by default, which offers A LOT of functionality from default keybindings to background images, to menus, to you get the idea. It can optionally be extended by the use of external libraries to create widgets

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Your tastes may vary, but as you can see I prefer a more simple interface. My widget library of choice so far is Vicious, however there are several others which can be found here at the Awesome Wiki. I chose Vicious because of a recommendation from Adrian C. (anrxc) who also happens to be a Vicious developer (pun intended). Vicious allows you to spare yourself the added typing of standard widgets by using a single line of code ( vicious.register() ).

Soon I will use this space to give a walk-through of sorts of how I edited the default rc.lua and how to create widgets with vicious. For now however, I have other things to do :)

Good Night!

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