Sabayon Linux: Awesome Edition

Those who have been following me on Google+ have seen a lot of posts centering around this upcoming release.  I have good news!  Sabayon Linux: Awesome Edition was added to the build server for daily spins today.

What does this mean?

This means that within the next few days an official release of Awesome Edition will be available on the Sabayon Linux website via bittorrent and mirror downloads.  Official support for this edition of Sabayon will also be available via IRC on FreeNode in the #sabayon channel.

What is Sabayon Linux: Awesome Edition?

Awesome Edition is an official spin of Sabayon Linux using the Awesome Window Manager.  It is aimed at power users who want a minimalistic, no frills environment to build their system on.  It comes with Sabayon's Fusion Kernel, a modified Linux kernel with experimental features enabled.  Just like all other Sabayon versions, this spin comes with the Anaconda installer and supports both text and graphical installations.

That sounds cool!

It is very cool!  For more information, head on over to http://www.sabayon.org/ and check out the download page.

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