Mirko Martinovic :: Portfolio: Imperial Shuttle Project...

Mirko Martinovic :: Portfolio: Imperial Shuttle Project...: "This is my latest toy modification. I have been looking for this particular ship because I currently have a nice Space Battle scene hung for..."

Here is a shameless plug to my uncle Mirko's art portfolio on the web. I remember as a child growing up in California sitting in awe of Mirko's toy collection (I grew to love Star Wars because of Mirko, and my online moniker is a tribute to that love). Mirko would spend hours at his art desk in his room, of which I was allowed to enter even at a young age, and he would paint, draw, and modify toys and action figures. He has always had a very steady hand and an uncanny eye for detail which is made apparent by his latest finished project on the home page of his site. Although he several times tried to teach me how to use a pencil the way that he did, and how to use soft strokes to create shades, I was more of a button masher and never did more than a few clumsy sketches. What Mirko did accomplish out of this was to teach me to appreciate all types of artwork and to understand that it really was work. Now that I am an adult nearing my thirties, I think I appreciate those small lessons as a child more than ever. Mirko has a talent that stems from a love of his art that is not often seen in today's art world, in both the fan based art genres and the classic re-makes.

If you are a fan of art at all, a fan of super-heroes and villains, or have no idea what I am talking about, click the link above and check out Mirko's work. If you think that you would have a use for such talents, please find the link on his site for his contact information, also provided here.

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